My name is Shane Michael Richardson. I currently serve as the Associate Production Manager of the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

My theatrical career started at age 12 when I took an interest in the soundboard at a local church and cafe. Working with Grammy-winner Aaron Stang, I learned my way around live production and delved deep into what would become a life-long love of creating magic on stage. Through that first job, I was able to work with multiple Grammy-award winning artists and household names like Ronny Cox from Deliverance's famous dueling banjos. In high school, I took all the drama and technical classes that were offered (and even some that weren't) and worked on every production that I could. After four years of lighting, sound, technical direction, prop master, and stage management positions, I was accepted into the Conservatory of Performing Arts on an Artistic Achievement scholarship. My first few years in the Conservatory program gave me the knowledge and opportunity to grow as an artist and manager and lead to the creation of several new theatre companies across the country. The summer after my sophomore year saw the birth of the Spare Shakespeare Company, co-founded with award-winning film director Chaille Stovall. Lost Boys Productions, an experimental theatre group based in Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood, was founded by myself and three student artists from Point Park in early 2014. P.A.R.K. Productions, Inc. was created by Mason Park in the summer of 2014 and I was honored when I was approached to serve as their Production Manager. 

In May of 2015, I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts, concentration in Stage Management and a further focus in Production Management. I graduated as a member of the Honors Program and earned Cum Laude honors and immediately took employment at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater in East Liberty where I served as Senior Production Manager and Accessibility Coordinator. Opportunity knocked once again with an offer from Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, one of the largest arts and culture institutions in the region. I work closely with the PBT School's pre-professional program to bring ballet performances to youth in schools across the county.


Just: adverb (ONLY) /dʒʌst/ only; simply: used to reduce the force of a statement and to suggest that it is not very important.

My college mentor would say to students: When you go into an interview, never say the word “just.”
Nobody is "just" a spot operator and no production is "just" a talent show. Every member of my team and every project I work on will receive the same respect and attention given to the national artists and award-winning artists.